Secondary glazing

Secondary is an additional layer of glazing installed on an existing window creating a double-glazed effect. It is a cost-effective and non-invasive way to improve the thermal and acoustic performance of windows, without the need to replace the entire window frame.
Secondary glazing can provide number of benefits, including reduced noise pollution, improved security and enhanced thermal insulation.
It can help to reduce condensation on windows, which can be a problem in colder weather.

Secondary glazing is often used in listed or heritage buildings, where the original windows cannot be replaced, or in properties located in noisy areas, such as near airports or busy roads.

It can be a more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire window, and can also help to preserve the original appearance and character of the property.
The perfect solution for old houses
Secondary glazing is ideal for period properties, where window replacement is not an option. It is practically invisible from the outside and unobtrusive on the inside, allowing added comfort and security without disturbing the view.

Our discreet and unobtrusive secondary will provide your property with the perfect solution.
benefits you will receive
Reduced Condensation
Reduced Heat Loss
Reduced Drafts
Reduced Noise
Noise Insulation Achieved by increasing the gap, otherwise known as cavity, between the existing window and the secondary frame. We suggest a minimum cavity of 100 mm for increased sound reduction. Road traffic noise pollution can be reduced by around 70-80% and can be reduced further by using acoustic glass.
Acoustic laminated can also be used, this has a special interlayer, which is particularly good when trying to reduce high frequency noise, for example aircraft noise.
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